Saving Bali's environment one plastic bag at a time

Small businesses in Bali can reduce excessive use of plastic by switching to reusable, more environment-friendly alternatives. Note that this page is a work in progress.

Straws Straws
(Paper, Glass)
Size (cm)
Glass: 20x0.9
Paper: 19.7x0.6
Glass: IDR 25,000/pcs
Paper: IDR 650/pcs
Biodegradable Biodegradable bags from cassava, available in a range of sizes and colors.
Price: IDR 350 - IDR 4,750 /pcs
Mesh Bags Size (cm):
Tile mesh bags 45x38
Net mesh bags 46.5x38.5
Tile IDR 7,000
Net IDR 8,000
Paper Bags Reused newspaper bags, available in a range of sizes and formats
Price: IDR 2,000 - IDR 10,000
Wooden Cutlery Wooden Cutlery IDR 500 per piece