Saving Bali's environment one plastic bag at a time

PlastikDetox is a campaign that seeks to reward small businesses in Bali that are genuinely committed to stop or reduce substantially their use of plastic bags.


Why we exist

Plastic waste is a well documented environmental problem, and few would challenge the need to deal with it. There is less consensus on what is the best solution to reduce needless use of plastic (straws, bags) and to better manage the waste. PlastikDetox takes  an incentives-based approach to dealing with the problem, by trying to reward businesses that succeed in cutting down on the plastic waste they generate.


Who we are

PlastikDetox is run part-time by a small team of Indonesian and foreigners with a shared concern for environmental degradation in Indonesia. We are neither an organization nor a movement; just think of us as a charity project.



June 2012 - PlastikDetox launched
July 2012 - First Partner joins PlastikDetox
April 2013 - Tenth partner joins PlastikDetox
Summer 2015 - 15th partners joins PlastikDetox


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